TREXIM – Mission

Trexim’s mission is to fulfill the needs and expectations of its Customers via constant development and adjustment of products and their technical parameters to new functionality and quality requirements.

Trexim’s achievements include the co-operation with highly-qualified personnel, whose knowledge and skills enables the company to develop and maintain the leader position on the market.

Major Trexim’s advantage is the technologically-advanced stock of machinery, owing to which production capacity increased by more than 3 times between 2004-2007. Continuous investments in technical facilities enabled the company to minimize errors which may occur during production process.

Trexim uses the most modern machinery, such as:

  • FINN-POWER pistol cutter
  • DARLEY bending brake

Trexim aims at establishing the organization, which would maintain wholly Polish identity, support Polish entrepreneurship, economy and job market, and at the same time would be able to establish long-lasting relations with Customers and introduce a new strong brand to a national and foreign market by means of applying modern and innovative technologies in heating system production process.


Trexim company was established in 1984 as a craftsman’s plant. At that time the plant manufactured oil heaters and central heating radiators. The increase of employment, extension of production and service scope, and dynamic development caused the plant to transform into PPUH TREXIM enterprise. As a result of further development and management system re-organization, Trexim was transformed into Sp. z o.o. (close counterpart of limited liability company) in 2002.

Trexim Sp. z o.o. was systematically increasing the amount of personnel and extending technical backup by means of purchasing technologically-advanced production machinery. Continuous technical investments confirm constant development of the company.

Trexim is the company in which 100% of shares constitutes Polish capital.

At present, Trexim employs 50 workers and manufactures protection cabinets and modern heating system and water installation dividers.

At the moment, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of protection cabinets and hot and cold water dividers and central heating dividers in modern heating systems and water installations.